Hot Topics

Our new clients often need to discuss one or more of the following topics:

  • Stroke — Strokes often have a severe, and sometimes lasting, impact on one’s behavior, memory, communication and physical capabilities. Caring for a loved one who has had a Stroke may feel all-consuming as well as being financially devastating and legally challenging.
  • Estate Planning — Everyone should have an estate plan which may include a trust, will and durable powers of attorney. These documents will provide guidance and instructions in the event of your incapacity, in order to avoid a conservatorship, and in the event of your death, provide instructions for the guardianship of your minor children as well as your desires regarding the disposition of your assets.
  • Alzheimer’s — Individuals who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s may still be able to do their estate planning to ensure that financial and health care decisions are made, according to their wishes. When no estate planning documents exist for an individual who now lacks capacity, a conservatorship may be necessary.
  • Special Needs — Individuals with special needs or developmental disabilities may require a limited conservatorship to protect them as well as their family’s ability to continue to make health, education, and living decisions for them. Family members that wish to include individuals with special needs in their estate planning can do so without endangering their public benefits by creating special needs trusts.
  • Death of a Loved One — “My loved one just died; where do I begin?” The steps following the death of a loved one will depend on what estate planning documents your loved one had prepared. If there was a trust, a trust administration would be required; if there was a will a probate may be required.
  • Independent Living — Living independently is often a goal of Life Care Planning, both for persons with disabilities and as part of eldercare. Special Needs Trusts and Asset Protection Trusts, as part of Estate Planning and Long-term Care Planning, may provide the means for you or a loved one to live independently longer.