Knowing Where to go to for Help . . . Priceless!

Being an elder law attorney, I spend my days advising clients on various aspects of elder law.   However, when the tables are turned and I found myself in the position that many clients find themselves in, it is nice to experience firsthand what resources are available and the help that can be provided.

I recently had a family crisis issue when a family member, who is the primary caretaker for another family member who suffers from Alzheimer’s, was herself admitted to the hospital with Pneumonia.  Her absence triggered all sorts of caregiver related concerns and family realizations as to the care level required.  I was able to utilize our care coordinator here in our office to provide resources to my family relating to specific issues for the care of Alzheimer’s patients, particularly information relating to eating issues and the progression of the disease.  It was so comforting to have a knowledgeable resource specialist who could provide calm advice in the middle of a serious issue for my family.

We were prepared, or so we thought, as the house had been sold, parents were living at a stepped up living facility, care givers were available, and yet when the crisis hit, there was still so much to arrange and worry about.  I was so glad that our care coordinator and resource specialist was here to assist me and realize her services are invaluable not only to help all of us prepare for long term care issues, but also to help us in our moments of crisis.

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