Medicare Open Enrollment Ends Early in 2011

Medicare Open Enrollmentends earlier this year. You have until December 7 to make sure your health and drug coverage still meets your needs. You do not need to take any action if you are happy with your current coverage. If you want to change plans, or if you need help choosing the right plan, visit the Medicare website and get personalized information about plans in your area.

There are some changes to the premiums and deductibles for 2012. If you pay a premium for Part A, you’ll pay up to $451 each month in 2012. The Part B premium for most individuals will be $99.90, and the Part B deductible will decrease to $140 per year.

You can review all of the Medicare premiums and deductibles at the Medicare website, including information about the income-related monthly adjustment amounts for Medicare prescription drug coverage.

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