Medicare Open Enrollment Scams

As if it was not hard enough to figure out Medicare open enrollment, now you need to watch out for scammers that want to prey upon your confusion. According to the Federal Trade Commission website there are at least four new scams:

1. Someone calls and says you must join their prescription plan or you’ll lose your Medicare coverage. This is not true. The Medicare prescription drug plan is voluntary and does not affect your Medicare coverage.

2. Someone calls or emails claiming they need your Medicare number to update your account, get you a new card, or send you Medicare benefit information. Do not give them any information. If you are concerned contact Medicare directly on your own.

3. Someone claiming to be a Medicare plan representative says they need “to confirm” your billing information by phone or online. Do not give them any information. Plan representatives are not allowed to ask you for payment over the phone or online.

4. You receive an offer for free medical exams or supplies. This is most likely a trick to get your personal information.
Protect your identity and personal information. Do not give any information to an unsolicited caller or email request.

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