Medicare Scam Alert

There is a new telephone scam that is targeting seniors who have Medicare. According to complaints filed with Better Business Bureau offices throughout the country, scammers are calling Medicare recipients and encouraging them to provide  bank account information to receive direct deposits from Medicare.

The scammers claim to be working for the government. They say that the senior’s new Medicare card is in the mail, but in order to continue receiving Medicare benefits, the senior must give out his or her bank account and routing number so that Medicare benefits can be deposited straight to the senior’s account. Unfortunately, there is no new Medicare card or direct deposit on the way. The scammer simply wants access to the senior’s bank account.

If you receive one of these calls, you should hang up immediately. While this may sound authentic to you because you may have read or heard a news report that the Social Security Administration has recently moved to a direct deposit system, allowing monthly Social Security funds to be deposited straight into a recipient’s account, Medicare is a different program. Medicare does not distribute funds or benefits directly to the senior.

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