To keep eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), there are some periodic reports that are required by the Social Security Administration. The recipient of the SSI benefit or their representative payee are required to make these reports. Failure to report can result in a penalty.

All of the items that are listed below are required to be reported within ten (10) days after the end of the month in which the event occurred:

Change of address;

Change of bank account;

Someone moves into or out of your household;

There is a change in the SSI recipient’s income or the income of a family member;

There is a change in the SSI recipient’s resources;

Someone help’s with the SSI recipient’s living expenses;

The SSI recipient enters or leaves an institution;

The SSI recipient gets married, divorced, or separated;

The SSI recipient changes his/her name;

The SSI recipient becomes a parent;

The SSI recipient leaves the United States;

The SSI recipient has an outstanding warrant for his/her arrest;

The SSI recipient is convicted of a crime;

The SSI recipient violates a condition of parole or probation;

The SSI recipient is a sponsored noncitizen;

The SSI recipient is between 18 and 22 and stops attending school;

The SSI recipient is not able to manage funds;

The SSI recipient dies;

The SSI recipient’s immigration status changes;

The SSI recipient’s disability or health gets better.


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